2. Mar, 2018

Wick Dying 2

Well this little experiment blew all my assumptions. From the previous wick dying example I thought the dye take up must have leached from the middle but this one is totally different. I put 2 tbs magenta, 2 tbsp turquoise and 3 tbs water into a container and put one end of soda ash soaked fabric into the container. The other end I let droop into the sink. It is obvious that some colours travel up the fabric faster than others - blues seem to be in this group. As I didn't have as much liquid as in the ice dying experiment I stopped the experiment once the dye was used up hence the white patch on the right hand side. It is lovely fabric but it seems the dye take up is quite random. Both blue tones moved up the wick faster than the other colours. The base looked quite purple until it was washed out when the magenta took back control. It is a pretty piece of fabric all the same