1. Mar, 2018

Ice Dying Wicking

This amazing piece of fabric is the result of putting one end of a piece of soda ash soaked cotton into the residue of melted ice and dye and the other end up over the edge of the container and into the sink and leaving overnight. This process occurs quite quickly with paper but is much slower with fabric. The dye uptake travels up the wet fabric and seems to leach out in the middle as it travels down the other side giving an almost ombre effect. In this sample I used indigo blue and orange and the fabric shows shades of almost black to dark blue, browns soft greens and white. I wondered if I watched the process more carefully I could have removed the fabric from the container before the leaching in the middle but I really like the effect that has been achieved. I will be keen to retry this maybe using just one dye colour to see what effect I get. or trying to recreate that wonderful paper piece that used magenta and turquoise in a previous blog quite a while back. The fabric was rinsed and then washed in the last of my synthrapol as I am changing to use Fairy now for washing out