28. Feb, 2018

The elusive brown at last

I finally managed to create the rich brown I had been aiming at. Linda Mathews (Creative Cloth) told me that I should work with dyes from the less bright colour wheel so I began with the mixture on the right - equal proportions of indigo blue and orange. All the fabric had been soaked in soda ash solution before I started and the dying was done via the no immersion microwave method. Run two was equal proportions of indigo blue, golden yellow and orange. It created the almost olive green shade in the middle. I thought I was making progress here so went for equal proportions of indigo blue, orange, golden yellow and scarlet. Viola! the rich brown I had been seeking was the result. Here they are hanging on the line in my studio as it was a terrible wet day. I think our Summer is ending - there is a definite feel of Autumn in the air