27. Feb, 2018

Faux Dying results

The result from the Faux dying from the messy look in the previous blog is shown in the bottom fabric. This is sky blue indigo and golden yellow. I think I might have had the steamer too low in the container and perhaps the fabric at the bottom "sat in the water as the visual texture was a bit disappointing. What I did do though was use the dripped dye in the bottom as a wick to dye further stuff. I had done this with paper towels previously and got some interesting results so at the top you can see what the melted faux snow and dye residue did to a paper towel and another cotton sample that had been soda ash treated. The dye runs up the paper (changing colours) quite quickly but the fabric wick is much slower. I left it overnight and got up to a wonderful surprise. So now I am trying a similar thing with just ice cubes and making sure the fabric is well above the residue level. I have wicks of paper towel and fabric in the residue also and it is looking interesting at this stage. I have used equal parts of orange and indigo today. In the set above I put the blues on first and then the golden yellow whereas today I put the orange down first and then the indigo. It will be interesting to see what happens