23. Feb, 2018

Brown is Such an Elusive Colour

We are told not to mix colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel or you risk getting muddy colours - but what if you WANT to get muddy colours. One of the interesting things about dying your own fabric is the colour effects you get. I had been trying to get brown for a bit but not happy with the results. The fabric looked shades of brown in the wet stage but when I rinsed it out the colour that had taken was anything but. I had been working from an orange/cobalt base and had also tried scarlet cobalt Linda Mathews (Creative Cloth) suggested i use a colour run using green and purple as my base colours. The "purple " is actually a purchased dye labelled "lilac". The lime green is a 50/59 mix of golden yellow and turquoise - it looked very dark green in the liquid form. I dyed each end of the colour run first and then mixed 50/50 to get the central colour. The ones each side used 1 tsp of the predominant dye and half a tablespoon of the opposing one. I could see I wasnt headed where I had hoped so I only did the 5 shades. I love the spring palette and it will come in useful somewhere but it is back to the drawing board for creating a custom rich brown for branches etc. I think I need to start with a darker green. The microwave dying gives quick results and I get a much better visual texture than with the traditional batching technique. I think I need to get more dyes before I can do much more