14. Feb, 2018

Back to Front Processing

This is the thermofax screen printed fabric - print first, heat set the paint and then dye with low immersion dying in a plastic bag and using cobalt, golden yellow and magenta dyes. I never thought about the thermofax print acting as a dye resist to add to the texture on this piece until I tried dying some white on white commercial fabric and this has opened a whole new lot of possibilities. In my first attempt I didnt heat set the paint so the thermofax semi washed out when i rinsed out the dye. It did leave a very faint pattern on the dyed fabric but I was looking for an effect more like this. Interestingly enough I have never really liked this particular thermofax screen when I printed on top of the dye but it does its job well here. It is another of Jane Dunnewold's design screens. I think the colour mix is lovely on this one also. The handle of the fabric is softer than when printing on top of the dyed fabric which is an added bonus. I will post more examples using different resist under dye techniques as this week progresses