13. Feb, 2018

Sketches toward a thermofax screen

Most of the thermofax screens I use are all over texture but I do have a fern and a teasel that are "focus" pieces. I am wanting to do something along a series of NZ birds. My experiments with thermofax and dying are leading me along the path of thermofax first then random colour dye the background. It it works well the thermofax should act as a resist. I have done a couple of pieces but the thermofax imprint is quite faint so I am trying some other processes to see if I can get them to be more dominant. They were quite dominant on taking the fabric out of the dye but seemed to wash out as I depleted the excess dye. Here is a sketch of a pukeko I did. I am not sure how well he would come out in a thermofax but there is potential there for a stencil. Next month I am going to learn how to use the Brother scan'n cut so this might be a candidate for that