9. Feb, 2018

Assemblage Dying Safe Colourway Option

What fun - today I dyed some of the assemblage dying threads and fabric that had been sitting in soda ash waiting for me to get to them. These have all been dyed together in a low immersion plastic bag using a "safe combination" of dye colours - in this case magenta and cobalt blue hence the purple shades. There is cotton sheeting, coton broadcloth, silk cocoon, cheese cloth, cotton lace and cotton fabric printed white on white. You can see both sides of this fabric on the right. The dye has taken up all the fabric on the unprinted side but on the printed side the Aztec zigzag pattern is clearly visible through the die. One of the other students in the course had done something similar and I wanted to try it. I am very excited by these possibilities as I could thermofax print on fabric and then dye it in radiant hues. I can hardly wait to have a go at that. It is sort of back to front thinking as I have always applied the colour first and then the thermofax process. The cotton broadcloth has also taken up the dye is a more concentrated form as has the cheesecloth. Altogether these bits and bobs will be lovely to work into something together - probably something in my fabric sketchbook. These fabrics were also scoured using the UK brand dish wash detergent Fairy. Synthropol is difficult to source and I now find the reason for that is that there are reports that it can be cargenogenic so I now have a safer and more economical and easier to source option. I am pleased with the days results