8. Feb, 2018

Produce Day

Not much art practice today.  Between supervising Tamara's homeschooling and getting this lot of produce into the jars, the day wizzed by.  I did get a few more hexagons set up on the paper templates to work on the hexy quilt but nothing stunning. It was good to get the tomatoes, beetroot and gerkins done though and these will stand us in good stead over the winter months.  I don't do as much preserving as I used to and a lot of it is through the dehydrator these days with apple chips and grapes and pears (if i can get them) helping to form the fruit base for our muesli.  Tomatoes have always been a standby for our family over the winter so it has been great to be able to get these at a good price.  I also grow a lot of tomatoes in the garden but we mainly eat these in salads etc over the Summer.  I do a few frozen cherry tomatoes to add to bacon and egg pies but freezer room is at a premium at the moment with other seasonal vegetables and Rob bringing in some lovely fish that will provide us with main meals going forward.