30. Jan, 2018

Playing with Colour

There is no better way to really understand colour than to dye your own fabrics and today was a good day's effort. Here are my efforts curing in their baggies. There are three gradations where you start with 4 Tbsp of dye 1 and a fat eighth of fabric. You put two tbsp into the next container and add 2 tbs water. You continue doing this 7 times making a diluted dye solution each time. The fabric needs to be scoured and soaked in soda ash before adding to the dyestuff. On the table I have three gradations - turquoise blue, yellow green and black. Plus two dye runs. This is where you start with two colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel at each end and in the middle (4) you have equal amounts of each dye. The other two each side of the middle have increasing amounts of dye out to the pure edge. These colours will all be able to be used together. My dye run fabrics were orange and diluted turquoise and magenta and black In addition I hand painted some cotton threads. These have now all be washed out and are hanging out to dry. Results coming soon. I am slightly disappointed in some of the results and wonder if I had scoured all the dressing out of the cotton at stage one. In the bags, the colours looked intense but they washed out quite a bit. Still an excellent exercise and I feel I have just about caught up with Linda Mathew's on line Dying Assemblage course. Just as well as Tamara's homeschooling starts tomorrow in earnest.