28. Jan, 2018

Heat Work and Laziness

My ideal was to post and complete some artistic practice each day.  I was exhausted from the heat when I got home from work today and I needed to go out and tidy the fig clippings that my husband had created by cutting the fig hedge.  I also wanted to give the tomatoes, capsicums and citrus a side dressing of epsom salts so that if we get a thunderstorm again tonight it will wash the magnesium into the soil.  I find the epsom salts makes the fruit sweeter and the plants more prolific in their fruiting.  I am working on the word perseverence this year so I am persevering wirh a page of the blog each day.  In the evenings I am slowly getting the hex quilt top hand stitched together but no interesting art practice today.  I will try and do better tomorrow