26. Jan, 2018

Experiments with Teabag Fabric

I am sure the customer in the shop thought we were quite mad. A friend brought me in some used teabags and I was delighted. Of course I had to explain to her that as a textile artist using unusual material is something I embrace. When I got home I found the teabags were quite a bit lighter than the ones I had been saving and I wanted to try and see what they would look like once the gell medium was applied. So I took a corner of my dropcloth from printing and smoothed a few on with gell medium. What I found was that the underneath patterns were clearly visible through the teabags so that go me to thinking. What if I stamped or printed first and then teabag applied over the top of that. I used a text stamp and didnt bother to heat set it after it was stamped on some white cotton so the print is slightly blurred but even that is acceptable. The top left example is this print with the text going in different directions and a range of different strength teabags, the top right is teabags ironed onto woven interfaceing, stamped and then covered with soft gell medium, the bottom left is the tea bags just gell mediumed onto my drop cloth and the bottom right is the original sample where I gell mediumed the tea bags onto sheer organza then gell medumed over the top, stitched and then tried to print on top of the fabric. The thermofax print could not penetrate the medium so the print is not sharp. But there are a range of effects all of which may have a place.