23. Jan, 2018

A Gender Balancing

Here is the latest in my Steve McCurry series. This old crone has obviously seen lots of trials and sadness and yet there are the memories of her once being a beautiful young woman. I just have the intricate purple head scarf to work now - it will be nice to be working with "pretty" colours for a while. I have also had a bit of a rough time lately with first the eye infection and then the right side of my face blowing up like a balloon with a tooth infection. I think I must be run down or something so it is good to have something to take my mind off things and just stitch. Most of Steve's portraits of women are of beautiful young girls but they do not meet the focus of this quilt so the gender rebalancing is looking for old women in his collection that will contribute to the overall emphasis. You will note that most of the subjects are third world predominantly Asian subjects. They can teach us a lot. They do not have a lot of material possessions but they seem happy and content with their lot in life and very very spiritual. Sometimes I think I would like a simplified life but I would not like to give up my sewing machine, my internet, my garden and my books