22. Jan, 2018

A Closed Facebook Group for No Rules Art Quilters

Not much experimental work being done today but I have done a bit on the next Steve McCully portrait.  I found a Facebook group for quilt artist that don't follow the rules - no traditional quilting allowed on the page and they have accepted my request so I spent ages playing around looking at other members of the group's work and making comments and asking questions.  It is called Breaking Rules Art Quilts and is a closed group so if you want to joint you will have to send a request to the administrator.  It is a very interesting website. I should have been working on my dye samples for Linda Mathews online Dying Assemblage Class but it is very wet and humid hera at the moment so I havent even got started.  I couldnt resist a photo so I posted a piece from my crazy quilt - definitely no rules in that one