17. Jan, 2018

Serious Art Practice Today

Back to working on the Steve McCurry Quilt. The idea for this quilt came from wanting to use thread painted images to celebrate age and wisdom. I have long been a fan of Steve McCurry's photography and when I asked permission to use some of his work in my thread painting they responded so positively that the quilt has morphed into being a celebration of Steve's work. I hope to have Steve with his camera in the middle with selected images around him. The final presentation has changed during the process and I am now thinking of mounting the portraits on teabag died and stamped fabric like shown in a previous blog post below. I might have to brew up a heap of teabags rather than just using the recycling process for that but we will see how I go. For those who might be familiar with Steve's photography, this is a closed up portrait of the man with the spanner on his shoulder. For the past year I havent worked on this quilt because I had this burst of entering competitions (or trying to) and now I have decided to return to just doing stuff for my own enjoyment. A prominent tutor told me at one stage that this type of thread painting wasn't art but merely sewing by numbers. That affected me for a while but I don't agree. The layering of thread colour and direction is so important to get the photo to come alive and I love how the picture develops under the needle. It often takes several layers of rayon thread to create the dimension and getting the eyes right is always a challenge but he comes to life once the glint is added. Folds of clothing are another challenge. Lots of quite boring background work until the highlights go in.