15. Jan, 2018

Expanded Fragment 2

It sort of grew from the original fragment. I had been playing around with a couple of Indian wooden print block with placement and then I decided I would use the centre of the small circles to practice my nemesis - shisha embroidery. The centres of these are not mirrors but large purple sequins. Originally I was going to cut out one of them and use as a fragment. You can almost tell the first from the last one I did by how even the circle around the shisha is. But then I started to try a bit more embellishment and tried different weights of thread. The fine gold thread proved to be a bit of a nightmare but I just kept picking it up and putting it down. I am pleased with the Indian look of the finished piece which will probably end us as a cushion. It also gave a really good appreciation of all that wonderful handwork done in India. It is difficult to see in the photo but the dark purple buttonhole stitch around the large circles have tiny seed pearls in each space. It was a bit of a time waster but fun to work out different presentations and effects