13. Jan, 2018

I guess they can't all be favourites

This is another piece that was on a turmeric dyed base with a new acrylic colour to my mix ( a light tan) thermofaxed with my favourite screen of Jane's. I decided to be quite bold with foamy stamp and used a dark purple with the medallion stamp - it may be too bold for my personal taste but fabric like this could make a nice wrap around skirt for these hot days. Then I thermo faxed over the top with titanium white in the shibori thermofax screen but this is harder to see in the photo. One of the problems with this textile attempt was that in the middle Rob arrived home with the Christmas trees packed up from 3 G Teak and I had to go and store them in the basement. Not the most conducive to a successful textile printing session. I may have liked this better if the medallions were not so close together and not in straight lines but then it is all experimentation at this stage and finding out what I like and what I wouldn't do again