11. Jan, 2018

Complex Cloth Snow flower

I have my studio set up now so I can slip back and forward to make the next layer of printing on my complex cloth. Layering can be so much fun and even when things don't go quite as you anticipate, if you keep going you can end up with something that is quite amazing. This piece began with a nondescript eco dyed cotton onto which I stenciled Kim Thitichai's medium sized ammonite in a soft gold. When that dried I used Jane Dunnewold's thermofax screen in black. This was a fat quarter so I had to do several screens across the piece and it looked a bit messy in places. I thought I would use the wonderful mandala flower foamy but the silver got lost - think it was semi translucent so I changed to titanium white. I am now using acrylic paints mixed with soft gel medium so that the feel is softer. I think I will stitch or attach so tiny seed beads around the flowers. I am having so much fun with this layering and the afternoons are so hot at the moment that it is great to have an indoor activity. I hope this classifies as part of Linda Mathews daily art practice challenge - even if is doesnt make it to the journal or fit with the theme of flight - although I could make it fit - the earlier cloth has stencils of winged seeds and this one could be dandelion heads or snowflakes depending on what side of the planet you are in