10. Jan, 2018

Another layering Experiment

This piece was even worse than the previous one and the fabric was quite a heavy drill cotton. Using a thermofax screen - another one of Jane's - I over printed in a medium detail in copper. It was terrible. finally i used a black rubber stamp with writing and stamped the whole are and then used an Indian wooden stamp to make a border around the piece. These experiments give me confidence in working on something that I am disappointed in and carrying on to see what will happen with the next layer. The complexity of the pattern changes the whole aspect of the quilt. I have found the best backing for both the thermofax and wooden print blocks is a piece of then but dense rubber that is used in transport to protect corners, I was lucky enough to get some of this from my daughters export agent in Indonesia. It has slightly more give than two layers of felt but is still firm enough that stamps do not distort when using it. You might like to check out my eco dying experiments also