10. Jan, 2018

Layering - transferring an ugly into something else

Jane Dunnewold's class at Quilt Symposium in November has given me so much more confidence in layering patterns to create complex cloth. Now those ugly experiments that didnt quite work out can be transformed into something almost spectacular. This fabric was a monoprint that didnt quite do it. I used a filigree thermofax of Jane's and covered the surface in black filigree. In a few places it didnt qyute line up so I used a wood block stamp of a simple flower in pale lavender to fill the gaps - it still wasn't very attractive. I forgot the rule of if one layer is detailed the next should be simple/bold and I overprinted the whole with another thermofax screen in silver. You can see the silver if you look carefully but it was lost with the background pattern. At this stage I thought the piece was pretty much a write off so I took a new stencil I purchased recently and over printed - again in black. I remembered that this layer should be bold and simple. The result is a very complex printed pattern and I am quite happy with it. Not a big piece but certainly something I could develop from