30. Sep, 2017

Quilt Symposium NZ 2017

Next week it is finally here. I will fly to Christchurch and do Jane Dunneold's New Complex cloth course for three days followed by her finding your own voice class for the final two.  I am really looking forward to the learning but not being away from home, especially as we have some troublesome things going on in the family.  Maybe getting away will give me some space but I know by the time I have been there for a day or two I will be wanting to get back home and when I do come home I will have to get stuck into my garden which has been neglected over the long, very wet winter.  I can see I have lost some special plants with the wet and I am going to have to take out the rest of my buxus hedging as it has succumbed to the virus that seems to be worse when wet conditions prevail.  There is no cure for this virus.  I will miss the structure the buxus give to the garden so not quite sure what I will put in its place.