2. Sep, 2017

A Stitch-along with Laura Kendal

This was something that was posted on Laura' Kemshall's newsletter and I decided to have a go at the book wrap.   In the UK it was a Summer stitch along but here in NZ it has been an incredibly wet winter stitch along.   I limited myself to only what was in my stash and decided to use the bright satins (furnishing remnants) for the fabric - instead of cottons.  I made the template way to big so instead of little building block I ended up with fewer, larger ones.  So I changed the size of the book to A 4 and put the blocks down the spine creeping into the front and back.  The butterfly was another project from Pinterest - a Russian post using beads and feathers to create the butterfly.  The colours seemed to just go so I added that in and then went crazy with embellishments - tiny sisha, beads, sequins and embroidery stitches. It has got me back into stitching in fron of TV at night and I am quite pleased with the result.  Here it is almost finished