13. Aug, 2017

Making plates with a "Foot" press

The next project was to use natural items and press them into the 4 inch foam plates using an acrylic sheet (or similar) and standing on it and walking up and down to get an impression.  It is winter here in NZ and it has been so wet that a lot of the seed heads etc that might have been ideal for this process were long rotted away.  This process enables the use of materials that could not be hand pressed into the plate and gives a more organic feel to the way plant material is presented.  Here is a multi print made using two plates on a background of water colour paper with left over fabric dye sprinkled over it.  At Linda's suggestion I used the less textured side of the water colour paper to try and get a more even ink texture.  I have used a bit too much dye in places on this print but overall I am quite pleased with the result.  It is certaily encouraging me to play, experiment and be looser in my approach. If yoiu click on the image and view the photo in larger format you can get a better idea of the layering in this print