12. Aug, 2017

Printing with Foam blocks

I decided to take a short course with Linda Germaine on using foam blocks for printing.  this is something I have been intending to have a go at for a long time but you know how it is, you just put it aside.  I thought the course would focus me on the processes and encourage me to continue my journey with layering.  I had done Linda's gelli print course, printing without a press, so knew she would guide me through the highs and lows or this process..  The first lessons used foam trays which are easily available apparently in the US.  Here in NZ most of our supermarkets have changed to recyclable plastic trays and even the 2 Dollar shops do not have many foam trays. - I settled with quite thin craft foam for my first attempts.  We were encouraged to work in 4 x 4 inch and 2 x 4 inch blocks and use a variety of insturments to make marks on the blocks.  I chose a ribbed rolling pin I found at the op shop, a ball point pen, a cookie cutter, an icing nozzlem the end of a paintbrush and a plastic roller cutter from the playdough box my grandkids use.  I found the paint brush end suited me the best