A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

24. Jan, 2021

I belong to a group in Ngaruawahia called Cutting Edge Textiles. They meet twice a month at the weekends but as I work most weekends I don't always get to go along. This session was stitching on existing fabric. I had this sort of Jacobean type curtain fabric that I had for some time so I took that along. It wasn't a very productive day as I was too busy talking and looking at what other people were doing. Being inspired to trey some different ideas with geli printing and just generally catching up. Sisha embroidery is always my nemesis and I had a Quilting Arts magazine which had a slightly different approach so I worked that into the centre of he flower. If I can't go to India maybe I can reproduce some of the lovely embellished textiles they produce. I have started to add more stitch and beads around the petals. Not sure where I am going with this

23. Jan, 2021

This exercise is really about layering. The dark blue is acrylic paint and the rest of the background is watercolour. The plants are ink and polychroma pencils. The ivy from the fist page flows over into the second concertina and a purple flowering bromeliad with varigated leaves disappears off this page to the next. I have been quite surprised how the polychromas almost cover the background washes. I think I will come back and add some text on the pages at a later date

21. Jan, 2021

The floss flower is one of the examples that really shows the difference in the seasonal time. I have only recently started documenting the Vietnamese mint (on the right). This plant has a dark purplish midrib with greenish outsides to the leaves so it is interesting how it prints.

20. Jan, 2021

Purple laurapetulum (right) and Flowering Cherry leaves Left on cotton. The laurapetulum continues to give quite good prints in pink shades but the flowering cherry is quite a pale yellow. Soon the prints will get a golden colour as the Autumn comes on. I wonder if the changes in tannin are more pronounced in deciduous trees than those (like the laurepetulum) that are evergreen. I am finding I use more deciduous trees for eco printing with the exception of eucalyptus.

19. Jan, 2021

It is mid summer here and the sample prints seem to echo the heat of the Summer. The colours are less intense. I can hardly wait for the brighter prints of Autumn. I have been doing the prints now for almost a year with the exception of a couple of months over winter when there are no deciduous leaves to print. The samples above are cotinus and Acacia.