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22. Apr, 2021

The back of the corset has random words associated with women - some positive some not so positive. They are encased under tulle and free machine stitched over with a figure of eight scribble stitch. I have made this corset in a size 16 as while we would all like to be a perfect 10 most of us are not.

21. Apr, 2021

Still getting projects completed from my course which have to be in by the end of this month. Here is the teabag corset front close up so you can see the applied hydrangea flowers and silk leaves. Just need to sew it all together now.

20. Apr, 2021

Now for preparing the background. I have done the sky and the darkness but need to work on the earth area. I am considering putting a brief description of the myth on the bottom but we will see. The bottom piece will be based on teabags so I need to laminate a heap more onto base fabric. Then Tane will be titches and applied so that he is lying on the top of the teabag area with his feet pushing up against the sky which is made from the foil side of coffee packets

19. Apr, 2021

I put misty fuse on the back of the fabric I wanted to use for the portrait of Tane and then using the template traced the shape the right way up onto thin tissue paper. I pinned this to the level of shading written on the piece and cut around the shape. To hold it before fusing I added a little bit of glue stick. Getting the first piece into position is the hardest. After that, it is easy to build up the shapes getting a layered/shaded effect. One of the fabrics had multiple shading and was used in two levels of shading. The pattern on these pieces simulates tattoo marks so I was pleased with the result. The pieces are placed on a base fabric of white cotton which will have the pieces fused in place and then the shape will be cut out and applied to the final place

18. Apr, 2021

This is the equivalent of the Maori creation story whereby Ranignui the Sky god and Papatuanuku, the earth mother lay in darkness in each others arms for a long time. Their children were confined to the darkness between them. Tane - God of the forest decided to separate them and let the light in. Here is my template made on acetate. Tane will lie on the area of Papatuanuku with his feet stretching up to the sky. This image is shown in horizontal rather than vertical layout. Around him will be the black fabric that has been prepared with white patterns representing the coming of the light. The fabric in the bottom right are the fabrics I will use to create the shade differences in Tane's body