A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

4. Dec, 2021

Last week i hit a new record of weekly visitors to my humble little site - 6435 visitors. I was stunned.   I am asuming a lot of these are from people in the northern hemisphere where you will be constrained by winter weather and covid restrictions.  I just want o say thank you to all who visit.  This blog began as a means of keeping my artisitc practice honest so that I needed to work in the studio to post the next piece n the puzzle.  Here in New Zealand we are headed into Summer and it has been quite hot so I have had to spend quite a bit of time in the garden trying to keep up with the battle against the weeds.  Convulvulus is a major problem for me as it comes in from neighboring properties and gets its roots around the roots of my plants so that the best I can do is pull off as much of the tops as I can so it doesnt flower and get even more established.  Yesterday I managed to do the vines that were clambering among the climbing roses on the bottom field.  But I will have to revisit the problem in a couple of weeks.  Hence the focus over the last few weeks on garden activity raher than my art work

4. Dec, 2021

This began as a block per month quilt but I altered it as I went along. I was drawn to it because of the number of plants in my garden that were represented here/ This photo was taken when the quilt was hanging in the garden during a Quilts in the Garden ramble I was in a few years back. I would like to do a similar focus on birds - "visitors to my Garden"/ There are so many birds here that when the morning chorus starts it is incredibly noisy. Amazing since we are within the town limits but the trees and plants just keep them coming. Some are native birds and some are more common introduced species like the house sparrows.

3. Dec, 2021

This beautiful hippeastrum lily is in full bloom outside the door to my studio. The bulb sits in a pot for the greater part of the year and then starts to send up leaves and later buds. Members of my family have given me these over the years. I have this red beauty and a red and white striped one which hasnt produced anything yet and a white one that I was given last year -= also a way off if it is going to flower - but aren't they magnificent and worth the wait when they bloom

2. Dec, 2021

Originally I grew this exotic specimen for its great leaves but the flower form is intriguing to say the least. It isl ike a cobra rearing up from the base of the plant. I started with just one of these but the mulching and bird activity in the garden means it now comes up in all sorts of shady spaces

30. Nov, 2021

While i struggle with hybrid Tea roses the carpet roses keep on blooming all summer. The hot pink one is almost iridescent with its colour. I handful of bioboost each time it rains and I have a garden of these as you turn the corner to come up to the house. They are a constant joy - and don't need as much pruning as most roses