A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

26. May, 2020

Five sandwich stitched gingko ready to apply to the teabag backing. Unfortunately I am a few teabags short so I will have to dye some more but the contrast of these golden yellow leaves on the dark blue of the teabags looks great. The leaves are quite robust once they are stitched like this. There are a couple of small tears where the leaf was a bit dry when I stitched it and before I remembered to spritz them with water to keep them supply while I stitched

25. May, 2020

Having hand stitched the gingko leaves between layers of organza a decided I would seal the edges using a soldering iron. However I think I prefer the stitch around and then cut close to the stitching method so I may revert to this option. Aren't the leaves a glorious colour?

23. May, 2020

Wow 3361 people visited my Simplesite last week.  I am amazed at how this little "Keep Me Honest Blog" to make sure I did daily studio practice is now watched by many people throughout the world.  It has been an amazing journey and now I am going to apply to do the Diploma in Creativity Level 5.  I have no formal art qualifications - it is just my passion.  Because I want to start at this level I have to provide a digital portfolio to prove Recognition of Prior Learning - along with developmental sketches/photos.  I have no idea where this will lead or even if I have a chance of being accepted but nothing ventured, nothing gained. It has been interesting hunting up all the bits and pieces that I will need to provide proof of my artisitc learning journey.  Having taken photos to support this blog as well as my own processes is now paying off - like the  photo in the insertion of fabric selection for the collage kiwi. I have to showcase 6 items across three disciplines (2 in each category) so I have chosen printing/markmaking, 3 D, and Fabric collage. Fingers crossed.  Of course the printmaking will include ecoprinting.  I just hope my level of expertise is good enough for what they are wanting.  Now I have to write up the developmental side of things.

22. May, 2020

This is procion sky blue powder but it looks quite dark to me. I have low immersion dyed it in a zip lock bag with 1/4 tsp procion powder and 1/8 tsp of soda ash. I will laminate it onto a backing fabric and will sandwich stitch some of the beautiful yellow ginkgo leaves and apply on top. I am not yet decided if I will add more vertical interest or not

21. May, 2020

My husband, Rob, has cracked his ribs so less hours a day now to work on my art. He needs to be helped out of bed, showered and dressed and generally looked after. I am told the worst will be the first 10 days but he is definitely in more pain than when he had his hip replacement. Anyway here is another lot of samples for my May eco diary. The one of the left is silver dollar gun and the one on the right green leafed maple at the top and purple leafed maple at the bottom. Both had an iron blanket of strong iron sulphate on paper towel. The paper towel samples seem to allow the saddening (purple hue) to the background fabric which is in contrast to when I use watercolour paper as the iron blanket.