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28. Mar, 2020

My son 'n law is an avid Chief's supporter and he has to go into town to collect his meds from the pharmacy so he asked if I could also make him a mask BUT could it be in the Chief's colours Rd Black and yellow. Now I have a pretty extensive stash of fabrics but these are not colours I usually work in but I did want to encourage him to use the mask so here I am pattern cut out and painting the fabric in his team colours so he will get a Chief's mask custom made

27. Mar, 2020

Face mask number one - African big Cats. Maybe I should start my series of African Animal Threadpaints that I have wanted to do for so long. Now my kids are all wanting one for when they have to go to get essential groceries. We are allowed out for essentials but the rest of the time we are in lockdown. This is a bit of fun because the masks don't have to be boring white. They have hepa filters in them from a new vacuum cleaner bag. Of course the name Gangster Granny was dubbed from the kids when I sent them this photo. Sorry it is slightly out of focus but I am not very good at taking selfies on my phone. That is something the younger generation excels in.

26. Mar, 2020

No post yesterday as it was all hands on deck for the last day before complete lock down in NZ. We are confined to our homes and that will bring its own problems for many having to stay in confined quarters. We had a 40 foot import container of water features arrive and that had to be unloaded - all non essential businesses are closed so Kim won't be able to sell or send out custom orders till after the State of Emergency is lifted. On top of that it was the last day to insure Grandma had food, medication and batteries for her hearing aid. I tried to get her to come and stay with us but at 95 she is so stubborn and maybe she is better off in her own isolated bubble. When I finally got home I put a round of apple chips in the dehydrator. I had purchased cheap apples and a friend had dropped me off pears so they too will be processed. We are well stocked but groceries can still be accessed as essential services. So now it is sit tight and maybe get to do some projects that have been on hold for a while or try something entirely new. " Made by Barb" has put up an amazing post of making a fitted face mask and I think that will be my first project after I get through my daily chores today. It uses hepa filters (from a new vacuum cleaner bag and pretty fabrics. She is one amazing lady with her creativity.

24. Mar, 2020

Into this scary time we are living with life goes on. Here is my daughter Kim holding her new grandson Levi. She has closed her business in an emotional day before the Prime Minister announce we are all going to Level 4 with all non essential business forced to close and everyone to self isolate to prevent further spread of covid 19. I spent most of the day trying to make sure the family had enough basic supplies for prolonged shutdown. I have always had a good store cupboard with supplemented by homegrown vegetables. Schools in NZ close today so I think there will be some stressful home situations where limited social contact is going to be difficult. for those of us in the crafting community there will be opportunities. since I had to cancel my printing trip to India I have used some of that money to take up an online dying progamme from the Dyery in the UK. I hope I can source the natural dye products for that.

22. Mar, 2020

Here is one of my kahawai prints that I have now appliqued onto black felt. Currently I am sewing tiny silver beading around the outside of this fellow. As we sit at home with covid 19 one of the things you might like to think about is revisiting some of your "less popular art attempts. This particular print began as a deconstructed screen print (the blue squiggles). I wasn't too fussed about the print so I decided to use it for this experiment.
Then I used black and white transparent paint on the fish to print on top of that fabric- with the transparent fish the blue is knocked back but still shows through. I have enhanced the eye with inktense pencils and still have the rest of the fins to overstitch in long strands of black thread. I was reading a book on Early 20th century embroidery and there was a chapter on couching so that is where the idea to find something to outline him with germinated. I have another couple of "rescue prints that I could mount as a series so my evenings will be busy with these for a while