A Daily Blog on Textile and Garden Adventures

18. Sep, 2019

I can never not take too many photos of shapes and textures and patterns. this magnificent rock at the hamilton Gardens was covered in moss and lichens and an indeterminate number of greens. It is just itching to be created in textile

17. Sep, 2019

Last time I went to the gardens I ran out of battery in my camera before I could capture the dye plants and their labels so that was why I was keen to visit again. It is a bit early in the season as some of the perennials are still below ground. but I have enough to work on for now. I have registered my interest in getting any surplus dye plants with the Trust. Now I have to see if I can find where any of these are being sold in NZ so that I can establish my own dye garden.

17. Sep, 2019

Yesterday I had to take Tamra to hamilton to a Face to Face session for her level 4 First in Line Management programme. While she was at her course i decided to go back to the Hamilton Gardens whihc is such a wonderful resource. this plant was in the Chinoiserie Garden - that is an adaptation of oriental style adopted by 18th and 19th century Europeans. I though this little fair flower was some type of grevillea but later when I went to a plant supply outfit I discovered it was a loropetalum. I have the dark leafed, pinky/purple flowered one and it is good for eco dying so I decided to buy this one for my home garden. It is so delicate in its flowers and I am assuming I will get some light yellow to lime prints from the leaves but we will have to wait and see for that

15. Sep, 2019

Or maybe it is more serendipity. I have been pondering how to create the textures I want to introduce in my quilt for Going green. On the left hand side of the quilt I envisage having some bare roots coming down into the rubbish area from the greenery at the top and I have been thinking about how I could create the texture that I wanted. And then I came across Jaynie Crimmins work. She creates art from junk mail shredded and rolled up and then placed onto a wire armatage. You can see her work on www.jayniecrimmins.com. While I wasn't wanting to create anything as elaborate as her sculptures, I am always interested in ways to incorporate recycling in my art quilts and of course I use tea bags a lot. I had some teabags drying on the kitchen windowsill and they had been bleached to about the colour I wanted for the dried out roots. That was enough. I rolled the teabags diagonally and stuck them down with a bit of glue - much like making fabric beads. Then I threaded them onto some thin wire. They will need to be sealed with gel medium but you can see the effect above so now I know how I am going to make the exposed roots. I just have to decide how I am going to attach them. I love to have some texture and these will be very textural and authentic looking as well as a unique way to get the effect I was looking for

14. Sep, 2019

I was reading Linda Germain's screen printing post where she says to look back over old rejected prints and how you might be able to utilise them in more current work. If you believe in Serendipity then you would be interested to know I have been tidying up. I am not a particularly tidy person but eventually the piles of "stuff" get to me and I have to clear the decks and start again. So in my clearing I came across this old, early monoprint. I have used acrylic paint by the feel of it as it as the hand is relatively stiff but with the collage work I have been doing of late I think the glorious colours and patterns in this might have some use. So it went into the keep rather than the totally reject aka throw out pile. I am fortunate that my husband is also a creative so he doesn't complain too much about my level of activity and storage. I have completed the sewing room and now will work on the wet studio and then I will be ready to begin anew. With Spring around the corner it will be a rebirth in more than one way. Of course the garden is also calling to me and I am a bit muscle sore having spent most of Thursday bent over resurrecting a couple of gardens where the weeds had taken over. but it is so nice to drive in now and see those gardens tidy and responding to the fertiliser I applied.