I didnt really think I liked crazy quilting until my sister. Rae made one. It was an opportunity to work in rich satins and velvets with as much embellishment as I wanted. I did set myself some rules. Every square had to have a piece of embroidery and had to have a butterfly/dragon fly in it. I worked the squares at night, adding broken pieces of jewellery and embroidery from earlier household pieces that had no further use. The sashing is velvet and each corner has a beaded tassle. I love the rich colours in this quilt

This was a mystery quilt from Grandmother's garden. The secondary design really didnt show up until the circular quilting was complete. This was the first time I had used close circles to quilt. It was more difficult that I imagined to get the circles concentric but I am pleased with the finished result and how the two patterns now display independently.

This was an early wall hanging. There was a craze on all things Noah for a while. The patched squared are machined but the applique and quilting are hand done

This is probably the only quilt that I have impulse purchased the fabric for at one go. The geishas were so lovely and the Japanese styled chrysanthemum floral so appropriate. It is machine quilted and the work of an Easter break at the beach when the weather wasnt so nice. The dark blue is quilted by machine and forms part of my machine quilting journey. The design was transferred to the fabric using golden paper and stitched through the paper.

This is my first really scrappy quilt. The colours always make me feel warm and happy and it was a comfort to me during a difficult time in my life. It is one of the first quilts that I quilted using McTavishing style free machine qulting

This early Bear's Paw quilt was begun at a quilt retreat where our requirement was to work with teal. In my novice development I was originally disappointed that I did not have enough fabric to make all the blocks the same - hence the different block in the middle. As I gained more insight I think the different centre block and the echoed colours in the outer sashing enhances the block. All part of the learning process

This complex appliqued blocks was a block a month project for a year from Grnadmoster's garden. When I was working away in a left brain environment I found the block a month projects kept me working on my projects and gave me something to look forward to and anticipate each month. Sometimes I got behind but I eventually caught up. The quilt is machine appliqued and machine quilted

This began as a block of the month but the colours that were supplied were not to my taste so I dropped out and provided my own colour combinations. This large quilt is all hand appliqued and hand quilted. When working on the shark's tooth border I could not get the final corner to align so I had to unpick half of two sides and fudge the teeth along those sides to get the corner fitted. A learning process in itself

I fell in love with the colours and pictorial nature of McKenna Ryan quilts. This was the first one I completed. While it looks square it is slightly off and I could never quite work out why because each panel was squared and fitted . For many years this quilt hung in our lounge where I just loved to look at the colours

Another block of the month. This one is an oriental 3D applique peice. The blocks are hand done but the piecing and quilting is by machine. There were lots of new techniques learnt in this quilt

I have been influenced a great deal by Jinny Beyer - what quilter hasnt been - and her use of "fussy cutting. This quilt has fussy cut dreseden plates in the centre of the squares. Unfortuately the backing was not colour fast and when the quilt was washed the dye has run through in places onto the white. My dog, Rusty doesn't seem to mind too much though

I called this quilt my stars. It is my own design and my first foray into photographic printing on fabric. This process has come a long way since I made this quilt. The centre of this quilt has a wedding photo of my husband Robin and I. The centre medallion is very "busy" representing the busyness in our lives and yet within the busyness there is order. Three sides of the quilt show our three children in various growing up stage. The bottom of the quilt has other important aspects of my life and one black square that represents our stillborn son Trevor. The quilt is machine pieced and machine quilted

This quilt was begun at a retreat many years ago. While most of the other quilters worked in traditional pinks and blues, I chose burgundy and turquoise for for applique. The white blocks are machine quilted with an echo of the appliqued blocks. The quilt was made using the quilt as you go method and was the first major quilt made using machine quilting

Another MCKenna Ryan quilt that was completed through the block a month process. It is machne appliqued and machne quilted

This quilt is called From Darwin with Love and the colours echo the vibrant colours of the Northern Territory - the Top Half as they call it. For eight year my youngest daughter, Kim, lived in Darwin and one Christmas she sent me a pack of quilting fabric that was way outside my accustomed pallette. I used the calico to offset the brightness but I is a quilt I have always loved. It is machine pieced and machine quilted

Stained glass in abundance - another block a month. This quilt was machine quilted. It looks lovely hanging in my garden here but is probably a quilt that is too busy for many modern tastes

This little hexagon quilt has special significance for me as it was hand pieced in the early days of Racewell when I accompanied Robin on maintenance trips around North Island farms. He would be doing machine servicing and I would sit in the vehicle stitching. The hexagons were 2" when cut so the "flowers: are quite small

This was an early quilt in non traditional colours. I began this quilt at a class that taught how to draw up blocks on graph paper. I still have the graph pad somewhere with these block s and other on it. The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.

This was one of the first quilts I made. The Rose of Shannon applique is machine done with rayon thread because I wanted the contrast of the high lustre rayon thread against the cotton. The quilt is hand quilted

When I displayed my quilts at the Te Kuiti Garden Ramble 2014 people were amazed at the collection.  Each quilt marks a learning process for me personally and from quite early on I began altering or re-interpreting standard patterns and changing colours.  I didnt do this consciously as I was very shy about my creations to start with.  I was very much a closet quilter.  The quilts and creating kept me sane in what was very much a left brain job that sapped energy.  The quilts (and the garden) regenerated my energy.

Some people said I didn't have a style and that is OK.  There are so many styles out there that continually working on achieving new directions mean I want to wxperiment with ways of doing things.  And so I have developed over the years.  I did a lot of block per month quilts when I was working because the challenge of the next block arriving in the mail kept me working on the one to hand.  

Now I come up with an idea and go for it in my own way.