25. Feb, 2016

February 2016

I can't beleive that February is almost at a close.  I have spend this month investigating the NZEG Diploma options and am excited to be starting down this track.  12 months per moduel and five modules in all - three compusory and three electives.  The compulsory are Coliyr Design and Embroidery \history.  The electives I will follow are Machine embroidery and fabric manipulation.  I have also been quiting the samples from Rose \lewis;s on line quilting course.  I have done lots of free machine quilting but going back to learner state where I need to follow quilting on a line is a good discipline for me and I will end up with a folio of quilt sandwhichreferences which is something I have been working toward doing for a while.  The A4 bats are sitting on the end of my ironing board just waiting for the next lessons to arrive.  And this year I want to make at least one scrap quilt to diminish my ever growing fabric stash.  That will be fun.  All I need now is more time