30. Jan, 2016

A morning with geli paint printing

Here are our textured art prints hanging up to dry after a busy morning experimenting with colour, texture  and innovation with gelli printing.  It is a great activity for kids because they always surprise with the colour combinations and the way they mix and match items to achieve texture.  They are learning about colour mixing, process, texture and experimentation in this activity.


Austin used masks to begin with to get an idea of what would happen under neath where no ink could penetrate.  Then he used a wole range of texture tools and stamps to brighten up around the masks.  Eveyone was surprised at their work when the prints were pulled.  The textures showed up much more clearly on the paper than on the plate.

Charlotte liked the textured rollers and tried several different ones - some over the top of others and then she stamped on top of the patterns made.

Regan liked to work in strong Halloween colours even though is was way past halloween.  He chose to use the football and kiwi stamps quite a bit to get a design he was happy with