24. Mar, 2017

Autumn tidy up time

As we head toward Autumn it is time to tidy up those plants that have finished for the year and are looking tired.  This large bank area is where I have started - it is always the worst part to keep under ocntrol as it has a clay base that makes it slippery in Winter and dries out so much in summer.  Since Rob started wood turning I have been putting the wood shavings on this garden and it has made a huge improvement but it is still a mamoth undertaking to get it under control.  Originally it was shadded by a huge old plum tree and my sister suggested i plant hostas and ferns under it.  That didnt take too much maintenance but then two boys decided to go out on one side of the tree when it was loaded with fruit so they could throw green plums at their sisters.  We had had rain when this happened and the boughs were heavily laden with wet leaves and fruit.  The poor tree couldnt cope and it split in two - the joys of granchildren.  So now I have a sunny garden with iris, gazania and osteospernums on the bank and it takes a lot more maintenance.  Hopefully the wood shavings will help to tame it