19. Mar, 2017

Grapes and more grapes

Kim has masses of grapes on the vine down the side of 3 G teak - more than any of us can eat  I hate to see them go to waste so last year I found that by cutting them in half and putting them in the dehydrator I made muscatel raisins.  I didnt deseed them last year and the seeds are quite large so this year I am deseeding as I go. I make my own muesli so these provide dried fruits to add to that or to put in porridge before it goes into the microwave to cook.  I havent tried them in cookies but there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to be used as raisins or sultanas.   Later on I might have a go at making some wine and either some of the wine or raw grapes will provide something of interest for my eco dying trials.  We have such bountiful gifts, it is hard not to use them if we can.