19. Mar, 2017

Autumn and harvest Time is here

I do try to use organic, commercially unprocessed food so we grow a lot of our own vegetables and at this time of the year it is a constant round of using produce and preparing it to see us through the winter months. Here you can see tomatoes, grapes, green beans (in the background) and the ever producing zuchinnis which have been abundant this year.  The beans I freeze.  The tomatoes I pulp and bottle or dehydrate and make into sun dried tomatoes with garlic and olive oil.  I freeze a few of the small sweet 100 tomatoes for use in savoury pies and lazanga/pizza.  The zuccinis provide us with the base for bread and butter pickles, small ones frozen in slices for adding to soups and stews in the winter and those that get away are grated and frozen.  I make a lemon curd from some of the grated zucinni which keeps better than traditional lemon curd and is lovely on pancakes or porridge or as a dessert topping. I also use grated zuchini to make a "marrow" cake which is very similar to carrot cake but you use the marrow/zuchini instead ot the carrots.  I also make a relish from marrow but I didnt use all I made last year of this so am giving this option a miss this year.  They are such a versatile vegetable.