22. Jan, 2017

Major Structural Changes

The camelias on the northern side of the drive had grown into trees and I had wanted for some time to get them cut back to shrubs that I could manage.  One weekend, while I was at work, my family took the job to hand and had a major working bee.  They also renewed the sleeper steps onto the bottom level and made them less steep.  In all this I then cut off the agapanthus that were on top of the bank so there have been major changes along there.  I have planted climbing roses along the bank and so far they have done really well so we will see in a year or two what that looks like.  The garden was in the Te Kuiti Garden Ramble again this year so it was not the best year to tackle this job but getting the help meant I wasn't going to turn it down and all gardens go through renewal phases so this is just part of the cycle