Carol's Quilting Adventures

15. May, 2020

It is always satisfying to finish a quilt but no more than this one. It is far from perfect but I have kept going fixing what I could and learning to live with what I couldn't (or disguise it). I think when we invest a lot of time in something (and this is a marketing principal re engaging with a potential customer) it is more difficult to discard it. On top of that, when I did Jane Dunnewold's Creative Strength Programme I discover my inner critics of which the Saboteur is one of the archetypes, will stop you finishing something because you are afraid of what other's might say. Something that is not finished cannot be criticised. This quilt began as a pick up and go applique exercise when we were travelling for business overseas. I would prepare the block and then stitch in many unusual places including airports. One entire block was completed in heathrow when our flight from Paris was delayed due to fog and we had to wait 12 hours for a connecting flight to New Zealand. so there are lots of memories in the stitches too. Here it is on my bed and it will stay there for now at least. Part of the challenge in this quilt was not to buy any fabric and I wasn't too fussed on the fawn background but the quilting transformed it

31. Jan, 2020

When I assembled the components, they didn't look integrated so I took some created fabric made from layering wash away and lots of bits and pieces of scrap - this had originally been going to be the rubbish mountain but it took too much emphasis away from the woman so I ended up using the eco dyed woollen blanket piece. I randomly scattered this across the front of the quilt making sure it was not in a straight line. I placed wash away over the scraps so that I could machine quilt randomly over them without catching the presser foot. However the layers were so dense in some places that I bent several needles before I decided to lock stich by hand in lots of random places to hold the scraps in place. It has given a much better three dimensional effect to the quilt. It is finished now and I have submitted my photos but cannot show the quilt here until it has been jury accepted/rejected

31. Jan, 2020

The Going Green Denpasar quilt has a basically diagonal composition and I have emphasised this by putting a diagonal tree branch fro the top left toward the woman. The leaves are ones that fell off a shop display and the flowers are actual hydrangea flowers that I have hand stitched between two layers of organza and then stitched little beads in the centre. The flower in the photo has been done for about two years to I know they hold there colour with this treatment and do not go brown. The leaves gave been stitched onto black velvet and then I machine stitched down the midrib and veins to attach them. I just stitched around the beads in the centre of the flowers so they stand slightly proud of the background. In the final piece I swapped out the blue hydrangeas for some purpley ones. Apart from the threads. Everything on the front of this quilt is recycled or repurposed

31. Jan, 2020

My entry to the Australian P and Q 2020 challenge is based on a young lady who sits at the end of Deden's street sorting the rubbish in Denpasar. The rubbish is brought in in hand hauled, high sided carts and dumped in a huge heap. She sits there all day sorting the reusable from the waste. The quilt has been made in layers and then applied together. She is threadpainted so that she has a lot more detail than the grime around her

19. Dec, 2019

This challenge was to complete a quilt in primarily silver within an 8 inch hexagon. My quilt called Save our fisheries depicted a number of three dimensional fish caught in a Seine net on a background of recycled foil packaging. I understood that the exhibition might be travelling to the US but havent had that confirmed as yet. I would like to revisit this technique in a bigger format as making the little fish was something I had in mind for a while and this was a good chance to try out that idea. I might just make bigger fish swimming upriver or something similar