3. May, 2021

Separation of Rangi and Papa - Maori Legend of Creation

For Eons Ranginui and Papatuanuku lay in the dark in each other's close embrace. Their children of whom there were many< were confined to the spaces between them. The children became frustrated with their confinement, Tane )god of the Forest) decide to separate his parents and give more space for him and his siblings. Like a giant tree he forced Ranginui upward into the firmament. Tawhirimatea (god of wind and storms) angrily raced into the sky to be with his father. Tane looked down and saw his mother's nakedness and covered her with all manner of vegetation.
This is an abstracted interpretation using recycled and repurposed materials such as tea bags, foil coffee packets and cheese cloth. You can see the stages of the creation of this piece on my blog