11. Jan, 2021

An Experimental At Quilt

I have been following UK artist Cas Holmes and her art work amalgamating momigami and fabric and nd other found materials. This is my interpretation of that tpe of work. I recycled Christmas wrapping paper and scrunched it up several times in the momigami way to break up the fibres and make them stron enough to take stitching. These were then laminated onto an old drop cloth - parts of the drop cloth - the darker portion on the right hand side - were left uncovered. I adde some grey organza and some curtain lace. Ontop of the organza a sketched a rough outline of Queen Anne's Lace and then free machine sketched the image in heavier 40 weight black cotton. to give some weight to the base, I added a strip of darker fabric collections from an earlier project. I thin free machine stitched the surface with figure of eight scribble stitch in standard sewing thread. I do not often work with a red palette but the Christmas wrap dictated the colours of this. It was an interesting experiment and quite different to mu usual style of working although in recent months I have been concentrating of eco art with recycled, repurposed or reused materials that would normally go to the dump