18. Nov, 2020

Forgotten memories Broken Dreams

This was an experimental piece using Haf Weightons process of heat transferring photos onto the substrate and then stitching into them. It also has laminated paper towel embellishments around the buildings, thermofax printing top and bottom and is extensively free machine quilted. I used an acrylic substrate but do not think I would do this again as it created a number of problems with the free machining. I wanted to record the era of the family farm being over taken by a more corporatised form of agriculture. Many of the components in this quilt are highly symbolic. The butterflies are a cross cultural connection related to endurance death and life. In the Christian ideology they often refer specifically to the crucifixion. The swirling spirals machined into the upper level are not the benign swirls of the koru but more akin to the spirals of van Gogh representing a path that buffets us and cannot be controlled. In some ways it is pertinent to have made this quilt in these days of Covid when its aftermath cannot be controlled in most of the world