27. Aug, 2020

Freeform Pine needle Weaving

Here it finally is. it must be four years since i wanted to try this technique and there have been a few bumps along the way but finally t is finished. I found the little tree of life emblem at Spotlight and decided that made a nice, subtle addition to the centre. I have learnt to us the longer pine needles of the Ponderosa pine (there is one in Brooke Park) and how to create the windows - both standard and inverse. My weaving "lines" are probably not as straight as a competent pine needle weaver might make but that will come I am sure. I have learnt to turn the pine needles so the shiny side of the needle is out so it has this lovely soft gloss to the creation. I am going to try a similar thing using bull rushes that I collected with a friend up North at the very beginning of this journey. It is a slow meditative process so will be a while before i complete that creation. I have also continued to work on the little basket with the bead inserts. The basket is almost finished but I now need to make a lid for it