23. Jun, 2020

Surviving Covid 19

This small quilt has marked a change in technique for me. it has come about through a challenge by Merrill Comeau of
Boston who works on very large assemblages and to reduce weight and make hand stitching on the pieces easier, she works on petticoat net. I was really impressed with mounting the teabags onto the net rather than laminating them to fabric. I could manipulate the teabags as I went. As many of you may know I like to use genuine used teabags and not soak new teabags for my work. I had wanted to do something to commemorate lockdown and this is my piece. the top centre is an actual mask - like I used when I went to get supplies and on either side of it are latex gloves - again as worn for personal protection. They are mountedas the angle of angel wings and below them I have used some angora "paper" made some time back. The wings have holes in places representing that not everyone was protected by the angle wings, some fell through the holes. The Japanese anemones are made from an old seersucker blouse encased with white organza. These were flowering at the bottom of the garden and I could see them from my kitchen window. Interestingly Anemones symbolise anticipation and white anemones stand for fragility. The leaves in this piece are actual leaves from the anemones supported and stitched through organza - black organza for the darker ones and grey organza for the lighter ones. I resisted any temptation to "tidy the edges and just trimmed the net to the level of the teabags. The teabags are scribble stitched onto the net using a variegated thread that changed colour randomly, representing the randomness of the virus not matter your creed or colour.