31. Jan, 2020

Emphasising the Diagonal Composition

The Going Green Denpasar quilt has a basically diagonal composition and I have emphasised this by putting a diagonal tree branch fro the top left toward the woman. The leaves are ones that fell off a shop display and the flowers are actual hydrangea flowers that I have hand stitched between two layers of organza and then stitched little beads in the centre. The flower in the photo has been done for about two years to I know they hold there colour with this treatment and do not go brown. The leaves gave been stitched onto black velvet and then I machine stitched down the midrib and veins to attach them. I just stitched around the beads in the centre of the flowers so they stand slightly proud of the background. In the final piece I swapped out the blue hydrangeas for some purpley ones. Apart from the threads. Everything on the front of this quilt is recycled or repurposed