23. Mar, 2019

2019 Bernina 12 x 12 Challenge - Childhood memories

The theme for the 2019 Bernini 12 x `12 inch challenge was Childhood Memories. They will be displayed in store and on their website and there will be a viewer voting facility to choose the ones that will tour round the quilt shows later this year. My photo doesn't look quite square - I don't think I was directly overhead when I took the photo but it is square. Here is the teabag base and the distressed organza water with a thread stitched Tamara making a sand cone (made from teabag dyed butter muslin)at the water's edge. I have named the quilt "At the Water's Edge" . My description tells how a visit to the beach and making sandcastles/sand cones is an intergenerational Childhood Memory and how the teabags invoke yet another memory - that of having visitors for afternoon tea and being allowed to have two goodies off the tea table as a treat. The circular figure eight quilting on the teabags symbolises the unit of our intergenerational childhood memories. I have faced this mini quilt a la Gloria Loughman's technique for facing