13. Jul, 2018

NZ Baltimore Completed at Last

This quilt was begun in 1989 and has had various stages in its development. It was the first quilt where I felt bold enough to replace two of my own block designs with those of the original pattern. My two are the keruru and the kea and this began an ongoing love of NZ birds in my art work. I couldn't decide how to do the border, which came at a later stage and thought a full all round border would be too much so I chose the alternate corners to do the ivy and berry design. The quilt is hand appliques, machine free motion quilted with trapunto diamonds between the blocks. Having something spilt on the quilt and a blue water erasable marking pen leave marks on the quilt meant it took a back seat to complete but this year doings CST I decided this was one of several quilts that remain unfinished due to my inner critic