7. Jun, 2018

A Step into Collage Quilts

Earlier this year I began a collage quilt a la Susan Carlson. I loved getting all the scraps out from really pictorial fabric that I would probably not use in my current applications. I did not enjoy the glue side of things and I think if I am to pursue this technique I will need to find a different way of adhering the fabric to the drawn outline on the base fabric - maybe some experiments with Mystifuse or similar might work. A lot of the pale fabrics are my own created fabrics using eco dyed bits that weren't too succesful and printing or stamping onto them. I bound this quilt with the facing method. Originally I was going to use a narrow border and then the facing fabric as a second border but when I cam to complete it I decided to just use the 1/2 inch border in black. I am working on finishing UFOs at the moment but I might come back to this technique later on - I am hoping to get to Sophie Standings course in August if Robin's hip operation doesnt get in the way.