1. Jun, 2018

A Quilt called Hope

When I enrolled in Jane Dunnewold's course at symposium in November 2017, one of my focuses was on becoming more confident in layering print/stamp on textiles. In march for Creative Strength Training I began a systematic printing of pieces of fabric that were either white, black or I had hand dyed (mainly eco rust dying). Initially this was not designed to become a completed quilt. I was just playing to see what textures I could come up with. Many of the squares are monoprinted and some are overstamped. What to do with my textured samples? I decided to joint them in a small quilt. I wanted them to be more homogenous so I then used Jane's Shibori thermofax screen and printed through the screen with gel medium gloss. When it was dry I then ironed on gold leaf. Initially I thought all my textures had disappeared under the gold leaf but as I rubbed away the parts where the gel medium hadn't been printed the textures reappeared. To finish I machine quilted the surface with a green and orange meandering stipple - quit large so as not to hide the underneath textures. Originally I had planned to use the facing method to finish this quilt but as it lay on the chair waiting for me to hand stitch down the binding I thought I liked the dark frame so I ended up folding the facing in half and finishing in a more traditional way. This is not a very pretty quilt but it is an important one for me because it chronicles my journey in printing and layering - hence the name "How many Layers are Enough" I think I might have graduated from the layering confidence school now. One of the members from CRST 2018 who is from Norway decided this quilt needed a better name. Siri Waagen Teilman decided it should be called Hope. My hope is that I can master all the exciting new techniques I am finding out about