25. May, 2018

A Class with Gloria Loughman

We were lucky enough to have Gloria Loughman come to Te Kuiti to take a landscape quilting course. She is a great teacher but many of her quilts are quite flat when it comes to surface texture so finishing this at home was a bit of a departure from her techniques. We worked from a photo - mine was a photo of the estuary at Whangamata. First we made a tissue pattern of our scene and transferred that to a white cotton base. We hand painted the fabric for the larger areas - in my case the sky the sea and the grass. We then applied steam a seam or similar to the fabric and cut it into strips and stitched onto the appropriate areas with batting underneath in the manner of raw edge applique (not my favourite process. The main land forms are again cut from the pattern with steam a seam on the back. They are outlined in black and I chose to use felt for that to achieve a more dimensional look. I couched a hairy fibre along the edge of the water to simulate the grassy fibres that stick up. I modified the tree from the original photo. This was the first time I had used a faced binding and although I did add a border I found the faced binding was a nice way to complete this.