19. Jun, 2017

The coal miner

Here is the next in my series of portraits for the Steve McCurry Quilt. It has been an interesting journey. Kim thittichai thought this type of fabric art was paint by numbers and not real art. I can't agree. It is at the opposite end of the experimental spectrum to Kim's work but it has its own challenges as you manipulate thread colour and direction to obtain the nuances in the facial features. I am not so happy with this image as my original had a much paler face but it didnt reflect the true colour of Steve's original photo so I stitched the darker colours over the top and then decided I preferred the paler vision - This one is more true to his photo. So now I have 6 to go and then I will need to incorporate them into the work. I have been working on quilt challenges so havent got on very well with this over the past couple of months