22. Jan, 2017

There's a storm coming

This was a very experimental piece using techniques in combination - something I am doing a lot more of these days. The old mariner with a weather eye is thread painted and applied and comes out of the landscape frame. The sky fabric - which was changed from this photo in the end was a blue fabric that was discharged with bleach using a crumpled up paper towel. The sea was my first attempt at using shiny satins. I so admire the work of UK fabric collage artist, Amanda Richardson, who uses exclusively hand dyed silks to get an impression of changing light values. Here I used satins, wet and crumpled up and tied with rubber bands until they dried. The crumpled lines became the sea. I then used some of Alison Holt's seascape ideas to paint in the waves leading up to the crests. The foreground rocks were, in contrast, batik dyed cotton without a reflective effect. This sat at various stages in my studio waiting for me to work out how I would make the next bit work