9. Feb, 2016

My creative process

I have been working on the largest thread painting I have attempted to date.  It is approx 30 in x 18 inches and continues my process of finding an relatively inexpensive means of transferring images to stitch.  I used the Rapid Resizer programme to create the original image over 9 A4 sheets.  I then encouraged my Epson inkjet printer to print these images on shirt weight cotton.  I started off by ironing the fabric onto freezer paper but then by accident I fused two sheets of freezer paper shiny sides together.  I decided to economise by putting a light spray of positional spray adhesive on the paper and ironing the fabric onto that.  It gave a slightly thicker than 80 gms paper but it went through the printer better so I continued to print off the other sheets,.

Then I cut out just the image, leaving the background and set them out so I could see that I had all the pieces.  These were then fused using a bondaweb type facing as for standard applique processes, onto the back ground fabric.  The joins in the image were clearly visible but once they were stitched over they were not a concern.  I applied stiff iron on interfacing to the area where the image will be.  There are lots of tiny stitches in a small area so reinforcing the fabric is a good idea.

I have used rayon threads because I love their sheen and I have a nice collection of these.  I dont usually use varigated thread but the breast is a varigated brown that I manipulated to get the thrushe's speckles.

I am about 3/4 done in the photo.  I will try a different padding method with this one.  Basically trapunto over the bird area and  maybe double layer over the nest and chicks and then use a fairly low loft cotton batting and quilt a leaf style free motion stitching over the rest.  It could change as I progress