Carol's Quilting Adventures

23. Mar, 2019

The theme for the 2019 Bernini 12 x `12 inch challenge was Childhood Memories. They will be displayed in store and on their website and there will be a viewer voting facility to choose the ones that will tour round the quilt shows later this year. My photo doesn't look quite square - I don't think I was directly overhead when I took the photo but it is square. Here is the teabag base and the distressed organza water with a thread stitched Tamara making a sand cone (made from teabag dyed butter muslin)at the water's edge. I have named the quilt "At the Water's Edge" . My description tells how a visit to the beach and making sandcastles/sand cones is an intergenerational Childhood Memory and how the teabags invoke yet another memory - that of having visitors for afternoon tea and being allowed to have two goodies off the tea table as a treat. The circular figure eight quilting on the teabags symbolises the unit of our intergenerational childhood memories. I have faced this mini quilt a la Gloria Loughman's technique for facing

15. Feb, 2019

I decided the audition two of the photos below out of the final presentation. Here is Steve (with his camera) stitched with some of my favourite photos. Craig and Sarah gave me Steve's latest book for combined birthday and Christmas

18. Jan, 2019

There is Steve in the middle with the eight portraits I have thread painted around him. I laid these out on the deck to get an idea of how I might organise them. Because the concept for the quilt changed over time and I took out 2 of my own photos (both women) and accidentally replaced them with two make photos there is a gender imbalance now but I am not going to worry too much about that. It is the dignity and interest in the faces that I wanted to capture. We have so much in the west and most of these people have very little and yet there is something in their faces that transcends their plights and speaks of the greater human condition. Being able to capture those moments is Steve McCurry's gift to us and I have been honoured to be allowed to use the images in my quilt. I need to make the backing now - it will be teabags stamped and painted with gel medium so it looks like aged leather or parchment

14. Jan, 2019

Between the showers I spread the portraits out on the deck with Steve McCurry himself in the centre. I am thinking of cutting out the backgrounds of each stitch portrait and mounting the portrait on black felt and putting them in a circular/oval porthole. I do need to find the used teabags to create the fabric now

14. Jan, 2019

So now all nine portraits are complete and I am ready to start placing them on the quilt top. somewhere I have a box of used teabags that I want to make the background fabric out of and do you think I can find them. I am almost at the stage of going and buying a packet of teabags and soaking them so I can get started