Carol's Quilting Adventures

27. Aug, 2020

Here it finally is. it must be four years since i wanted to try this technique and there have been a few bumps along the way but finally t is finished. I found the little tree of life emblem at Spotlight and decided that made a nice, subtle addition to the centre. I have learnt to us the longer pine needles of the Ponderosa pine (there is one in Brooke Park) and how to create the windows - both standard and inverse. My weaving "lines" are probably not as straight as a competent pine needle weaver might make but that will come I am sure. I have learnt to turn the pine needles so the shiny side of the needle is out so it has this lovely soft gloss to the creation. I am going to try a similar thing using bull rushes that I collected with a friend up North at the very beginning of this journey. It is a slow meditative process so will be a while before i complete that creation. I have also continued to work on the little basket with the bead inserts. The basket is almost finished but I now need to make a lid for it

26. Aug, 2020

When visiting Julie Booth's site from the Stitch Club weekly challenge I found she also had some stuff on wrapping stones. This lead me to look for more information and I found some info on Maori fishing stone wrapping and realised that some of the pounamu we sell at work has this same wrapping around the top of the greenstone. This is my first attempt so not very even. Further research brought forth some work by Susanna Bauer whose website I haven't visited in a while. She does the most amazing stitching on leaves and has been one of my go to people for that technique

25. Aug, 2020

This is my entry for the 2020 Hoffman Challenge - must use a recognisable amount of the challenge fabric (the white) fit within a 1 m square but not be either square or rectangular. The fabric was a white floral and the technique is collage. I have positioned the small rounded shapes on the face part of the head and the larger flowers on the neck. I introduces a hint of colour to the dark stripes to lift the austerity of the black. It was a fun project and I am quite happy with how my work presents with the others in the 20 selected to travel round the country

20. Aug, 2020

Momigami is a Japanese technique using crumpled paper. In fact the literal meaning is momi to crumple and gami paper. This small quilt was completed as part of the Stitch Club through and utilises some pieces of hand dyed/printed fabric and a variety of crumpled paper and some loose burlap. the shiny wrapping paper made excellent folds and light reflection while the recycled paper in the foreground easily tore when stitched into so had to have much more dense stitching to hold it in place. the best papers to use for this type of work is paper with long fibres. It is a method that enhances my recycle/reuse attempts within my current work.

20. Aug, 2020

Shadow was an outside cat - that was until Tahi had his major surgery on his leg to correct a rugby accident. And then he moved in to keep Tahi company. Tahi had a black throw and Shadow would be almost invisible on the throw. the number of times, when I was looking after Tahi, that Shadow lept out of the folds and up the back of the couch, nearly giving me a hear attack, are too numerous to count. The funny thing is, once Tahi was better, Shadow went back to being an out door cat. this pet portrait was a challenge to me in using colour to represent the depth of black shadows in his fur