13. Feb, 2017

Freddie the Frog

My daughter Kim has a special toy shop and outside is a large corrugated iron from designed by my husband.  We are working on capitalising on the Freddie the Frog theme and you can visit the website at http://www.3gteak.co.nz/page/gifts_for_kids/

Freddie the Frog
Freddie the frog did't seem to fit in
He felt sort of sad and had lost his big grin.
His legs seemed too long
And his eyes were all wrong
He didn't feel handsome or sporty or smart
When he opened his mouth he croaked like a fart.
Poor Freddie wondered now what could he do
Could he go to the gym, or end up in a zoo.
So he packed up a bag and hopped down the road
An adventure at least or he would join with the toads.
He came to a shop called Smarty Pants
And thought he would rest in the shade with some ants.
The toys and the people welcomed him in
You're just what we want for our mascot "live-in"
So Freddie became a famous wee frog
His legs and his eyes left his new friends agog.
His image was put on their Facebook page
And a "Freddie the Frog Club" became quite a rage.
The lesson in this is clear to be seen
We each have our purpose, our strengths and our dreams.
We just need to find our own unique place
That makes us so special - like Freddie's big face.
Orange and green and long dangly toes
Were just what was wanted to cure Smarty Pants woes.
So make sure you visit our Freddie on line
Or stop by the shop - either one is just fine.