15. Dec, 2015

Stamping and fabric medium experiments

This was the first signature I worked on and is a bit of a hodge podge.  The moth on the right is a inktense coloured trace on a teabag that I had salvaged and drawn on.  this was attached with artist medium on both sides of the tea bag.  This was the first time I had tried this sort of exercise and I was pretty excited.  Now I save more tea gas to try other stuff.

This page is really a mix of techniques rather than anything as a whole.  The stamps at the bottom and the the coloured flowers are Indian block prints and the leaves are standard rubber stamps.  The flowers were coloured with ink tense and then blended using fabric gel rather than water as my first attempt at coloured work was a bit of a disaster with water bleeding the colours into the background fabric.  I am hoping to resureect that project at some time by using free motion quilting to cover up the bleeds.  all stamps have been covered with medium.  

That left a gap at the top left so I am filling that with some basic couching using 6 strand embroidery thread.

My disappointing echo dyed fabric has made a really great background for this project so even when something goes wrong (or not quite right) it can often be salvaged for something else later on.